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Chen Ping, Peace Treaty 2016, Oil on canvas, 128.8 x 152.5 cm

Image Copyright of the artist. 

The Artist Chen Ping


The conference poster is showing a painting of Chen Ping, an artist born in China in 1962 and living and working in Hobart, Tasmania. Artist Chen Ping seeks to expose and return to the beginning of cultural values by re-examining the relationship between people, their environment and animals by discussing through his artistic practice three main themes, time, space and existence. For more information regarding the artist as well as his current exhibitions please click here.

The Organising team expresses their greatest gratitude towards Chen Ping for providing his painting for the conference poster.

Some of Chen Ping works:

The Almighty
Tank Girl
The Great Fate
No10 Downling St
Sun God
Nine Eleven
River Nymph
Love in Berlin
Mother Goddess
Mountain Fairy
Lady River
Guard of Honour
Kong Flu
Air Raid
Girl Protester

Nine Songs, 2020, Ink on paper, 58 x 76 cm

Copyright of the artist

The paintings


This body of ink paintings is based on the ancient set of poems, Nine Song, written by Qu Yuan in the 3rd Century. Nine Songs is considered to be the Chinese equivalent of  Divina Commedia by Dante Alighieri.


The poems, and the works, are prayers for humanity through heaven and earth, and the final chapter is a prayer for the National Martyr, with the works bringing in current events and tragedies.

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